Friday, December 24, 2010


So, I took a watercolor class this semester as well. The last time I did watercolor I believe was my junior year of high school, so it has been a long time, and I didn't like watercolor much then. But, after taking this class I like it much more. So, in the very beginning of the class we were told to just experiment with our supplies. So here's how bad I was at the start of the class:

Then we learned about washes. We had to do a flat wash, a gradated wash (light to dark), and vari-gradated wash (two or more colors), and a textured wash. Two of the washes had to go behind the still-life object, the other two around it. And then we had to do one on our own.

Then we learned a bunch of wet-on-wet techniques and had to do two still-lifes, and another at home.
Then we learned about dry brush and layering with watercolors and had to do still-life again, one in the classroom and one set up at home.
Then we learned how to make a white object still look white even though we added value. We had to do one in class and could use a photo or other white object at home. We also learned how to stretch our paper and did these on them.

Then we had to do abstract paintings. So I did a Jackson Pollock like one, a Mondrian like one, and a Katelyn one.

We then learned how to stretch our paper using stretcher bars and had to do two portraits, one self-portrait and one of someone else. So, don't laugh at me and Josh. I didn't spend enough time drawing them out first.

And for the final project we had to do a series of our choice. I really liked the simple flat washes with an object in the middle that we did in the beginning of the class. I decided I would make paintings that I could actually hang up and use, so I used baby toys and objects to hang up in the girls' room. So I made a special gift just for my daughters.

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