Friday, May 20, 2011

A Musical Piece

I am currently working on a commission for a family at church and am very excited about it! They gave me the theme of "classical music," telling me that their daughters play a violin and cello, as well as piano. So, I looked around for some ideas, and decided to do a sweet piece with 6 6"x6" charcoal drawings, using the same techniques I used on my maternity drawings. I wanted to show you some of the pictures I took that I have to choose from to include in the piece. What do you think?
The Cello:

The Violin:

The Piano:

Unfortunately my reference photos for the piano haven't been very good, so I still need to take some more, give myself some more options. I find that taking my own photos eliminates any need to obtain permission or copyright, plus it's a ton of fun! I am not much of a photographer so it's a slight gamble, but well worth it in the end.
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