Friday, December 24, 2010

Oil Painting

So, here's the art I did Winter Semester in my oil painting class. I really don't know how to oil paint, so don't judge me too hard. We began with a jar series, painting the same jar over and over again, basically so we could learn how to paint. Thank goodness.
Then it was midterm time and we had to do two paintings; The first one had to have two or more of the same object repeated, and the second one had to have multiple similar objects that created a depth of field.
The final project we did is a three foot by three foot painting that is based on an image but abstracted. So I chose a nebula, and then abstracted it... It's still not really done, because I don't like it. Maybe I'll finish it after we move again. But, I'm not much for abstraction anyways.My favorite painting was the crayons. It turned out so well, and I hung it up in our girls room in Provo and it looked great on the wall, along with the watercolors paintings I did for them. I enjoyed the class because I learned a lot, but man do I still have a lot to learn about oil painting.

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