Friday, December 24, 2010

First Figure Drawing Class

So, I love drawing, and I really love figure drawing. Last semester I took my first figure drawing class, and loved when we actually drew the figure... Here's some of the work I did in this class over the semester. And look for more to come as I am taking Figure Drawing 322 this semester (as long as BYU will let me add it).

These first ones are loose gestures done with conte. And at BYU, the models are students who have to wear bikinis or speedos.

I enjoyed it when we had guys to draw, well at least when the guys had muscles. Way more fun! Here's just more gestural poses. (like 2-5 minutes)

We worked on correct proportions and used grids to accomplish it.

And here's some extended poses (like 3 hours):

We did some ink washes, so here's a self-portrait and then a figure:
And here's a conte with gesso:
And here's an exercise we did where we had to draw an exact copy of a work made by an artist. Josh and I both really like how it turned out. Too bad it's a replica of someone else's handy work.

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