Friday, December 24, 2010

First Semester of Art

This last year has marked my very first year in the art program at BYU. Most of the classes are pretty basic or just introductory classes. To be honest I don't feel like anyone of these works are too impressive, so I'll just show you some of the best from this year, including spring term.
This was a project and not an exercise so I chose to have some fun and make this oval shape. It's all done with thicker and thinner lines, no shading. The assignment was "surveillance."

2-D Design

In 2-D Design we had to learn how to represent things graphically. So the left is just organic lines, the center colored geometric shapes, and right a contour or negative shape of a tree.
This was my favorite piece from 2-D design and maybe the year. I combined collage clippings with regular and stippling shading. This is like Josh's favorite piece too. Plus, I used the Rule of 3rds.

3-D Design

I gave the earrings I made for this class to one of my best friends, MaryDawn, who was my Freshman roommate. She definitely rocks the copper plating and CD pieced earrings.
If you have come to our home you are sure to have seen this. I hot glued together some playing cards in a sort of carousel. The sculpture is created of repeated planar units.
Also on display in our home is this piece, my first experience at welding. I felt like a blacksmith as I used a forge and hammer and anvil to create this piece out of steel. It's supposed to be a simplified Nike Shox. I had fun making it.

Intro to Photography
Night picture, and I let the image blur.
This is a high key image... meaning everything is white. It's our fridge.
This one is complementary colors (red and green).

Lithography Fundamentals
This was my first print I made in this class, and I did for Josh, and his dad. It's a Ferrari 250 TR. This was done with litho crayon on aluminum plate.
I thought this would look cool as a print, cause it makes them look kinda old. This was a transfer print.
I took the print and add a wash to it. Cool huh?
This was my final project. Finally color! But, it was wicked hard and didn't turn out too well. But, it was a fun idea.

Painting Fundamentals
These first two are exercises. We learned how to paint grasille (black and white values) and then how to glaze over them. So I painted a little landscape and then put a yellow and a red glaze over it, just to practice the idea.
I did the same thing here too, except for the weird brownish red little painting. That was an alla prima (all at once/first) painting.
This was my final project. I painting the really nice clock we got for our wedding because it has the colors red and gold in it already. I painted it grasille first, then did a yellow glaze, then a red, and finally a black glaze. I think it turned out pretty well for my first painting done in such a way.

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