Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Upcoming Posts and New Ideas

As I am trying to get this art blog off the ground as well as my art career, I know that I need to find interesting things to write about.  You really don't want to hear me complaining about how I am frustrated by a painting I just worked on (seriously awful!) or that I don't make enough time for creating art.  You want something more interesting.  So until I actually have something to show you, I've decided to bore you to tears with some papers I wrote in college on various artists and things.  I already posted one I did, about Jackson Pollock.  And after re-looking at my sculpture post, I realized that I had wrote a paper on Josiah McElheny so why not share that and my other posts with the greater world wide web?  Maybe someone will find them interesting. 

I do hope to be creating smaller scale images of musical instruments as well as a really cool painting.  I really feel like I need to start CREATING!  I don't really have a large body of work right now, making it hard to enter shows and really sell anything. Most of my recent things have sold, and the rest is from college and not all of that is sale worthy.  And I'm reluctant to want to sell my pregnancy drawings. I just love them so much! 

So until someone hires me out, I will be working hard to create and find my voice!

Thanks for bearing with me.

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  1. Katelyn, Here are a couple of sites from my last watercolor instructor. You might find some ideas.
    Mom Fagan


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