Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A New Coat of Paint - Reworking an Old Oil Painting

I started this huge 3’x 3’ oil painting my last semester (on-campus anyways) of college and didn’t really get the time I needed to really finish it because, well, I had twins the day after adding stripes to the composition. The piece was based on a nebula image I found on the internet. I took the original image below and then rotated it and cropped it the second image below and then gave it my own artistic painting style and color scheme.
I also input the stripes, I think because we had to have an artistic influence in the piece, based on this painting by Jackie Tileston, which I find rather great:
However, my original stripping did not look nearly as wonderful as Jackie Tileston's...
Needless to say I wasn’t happy with it, but turned it in that way for a grade anyways. It was my final project. I actually received my worst grade in college in this painting class: a “C.” Part of the problem was that the class met at 8am MW and I took the bus to campus since my pregnant body didn’t waddle super fast. But, I often missed the first bus, so I would be 10-15 minutes late and all those tardies added up to hurt my grade. So, I blame most of the bad grade on that. Plus, I did miss two classes as I gave birth and was in the hospital/at home recovering, and another class here or there too...

Anyways, I have always had the best intention of finishing it, something I think all too common in the arts, and so it took me about 16 months (that’s how old my twin girls are) to actually touch it again.

I sanded down the texture of the stripes and then added some thin paint over them, changed some of the colors, added some highlights here and there and viola! I give you the painting I should’ve turned in 16 months ago:
I like it MUCH better than the piece I turned in for my final project. I wouldn’t say I love it, but then again I am not much of an abstract painter/artist. I am also not much an oil painter. I’ve completed all of about 10 oil paintings and studies combined in my lifetime. I still need a lot of practice and a lot of learning. Maybe someday I’ll take another class somewhere.

What do you think about it? Do you like abstract art? Should I make more like this, but on a smaller scale?

And if you love it, lucky you! It’s for sale.


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