Friday, July 1, 2011

An Art Table!

I forgot to mention the fact that I finally have a place to do art! My family of four are living in a two bedroom place, so there's not definitely not a lot of room for me to have an art space, a space where I can leave my work out day after day without worrying about little hands getting to my things.

However, that has changed! My dad so wonderfully brought me my old drawing table that I had in my bedroom growing up! (He's a truck driver). It's not a great table, but it's big, angled, and flat! I scrubbed it down, set it up in our bedroom, (under a window to give me ample natural light), stole one of our dining room chairs and viola! I have an art space!
We make sure to keep our bedroom door closed so I can leave my supplies and projects out. It's great to have a place to peacefully work on art. It also helps a lot that my husband is a school teacher and is home for the summer, freeing me of some of the daily parenting duties so I can devote much more time to art!

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