Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I've had two job interviews this year (!) for teaching art. My first one was for a position as an Outreach Instructor for the Indianapolis Art Center. The interview went really well, and she later said she thought I'd be a good fit, but it turns out I wasn't as good as another candidate that must've interviewed after me. The second job was for a position as an Enrichment Teacher for Summer Advantage USA and after passing the preliminaries, I was chosen for a phone interview and a Saturday interview. However, after my horrible phone interview (you know it's bad when she says at the beginning it will take about 20 minutes and it only takes 5) I realized this position was WAY over my head and so I told them I wouldn't be coming to the in-person interview on Saturday.

The problem is that I really don't have any experience working with kids. I was technically only in the Art Ed program at BYU for one year, and only one semester of that in Art Ed classes. Besides that, I've had limited experience teaching/working with children. Sure, I can do art, but what do I know about lesson planning, curriculum, classroom management and so on?

Sometimes I wish things would've worked out a little different with school and I could have not only earn my teaching license, but also a Bachelor's of Fine Art(BFA) instead of just the BA. I feel like both would've given me more experience in learning how to be an artist, as well as how to teach. Some of you might think that there's not much to being an artist or to teaching, but without experience running your own classroom or putting together your own art show, you often feel inept at what you earned your degree in.

I just need more experience.

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